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As a small family owned and operated business it is important to be consistent with our policies so that all guests are treated in a fair and like manner. We thank you in advance for not requesting exceptions.

Should you need to cancel for any reason (health, work, schedules, weather, etc.), all but $35 of the cancellation fee will be refunded ONLY if your room is re-rented. To prevent paying the cancellation fee, we suggest you purchase travel insurance. Companies such as Travel Guard and Travel Insured Intl offer various plans including ‘cancel for any reason’ policies for a small fee (5-8% of your reservation). See Cancellation Policy below.

Check-in time is anytime after 4:00 pm and check-out time is 11:00 am. An express check-in service is available for a one time fee of $10 and this enables you to check-in as early as 2:00 pm.  This must be requested before your check-in date and is based on availability.

Early Departures: There are absolutely no refunds on early departures.

No-Show Policy: No-shows will be charged 100% of their stay.

Deposit: A $100 deposit will be charged to hold a room, which will be applied to your stay or cancellation fee.  The balance for your stay will be charged approximately one week in advance of your stay. 

Cancellation Policy

Non Holidays

If your reservation is cancelled with 14 days or more notice to the 1st night of your booking, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $35.   With 7-13 days notice, you will be charged a cancellation fee of ˝ of the total price for the days that were reserved, plus tax.  With less than 7 days notice, you will be charged a cancellation fee of the full price for the days that were reserved, plus tax. NO EXCEPTIONS UNLESS WE ARE ABLE TO REBOOK THE ROOM, IN WHICH YOUR CANCELLATION FEE WILL BE $35. 


(New Year’s, Valentine, Easter, Memorial, Independence, Labor, Thanksgiving, Christmas)

 If your reservation is cancelled with 30 days or more notice to the 1st night of your booking, you will only be charged a cancellation fee of $35.  With a 14 - 29 day notice you will be charged a cancellation fee of 1/2 of the total price for the days that were reserved, plus tax.  Any cancellation given with less than 14 days notice will be charged a cancellation fee of the full price for the days that were reserved, plus tax. NO EXCEPTIONS UNLESS WE ARE ABLE TO REBOOK YOUR ROOM, IN WHICH YOUR CANCELLATION FEE WILL BE $35.

With any cancellation, we will make all attempts to rebook the room.  If we are able to rebook, the only cancellation fee is $35.


House Rules

v  The office is our home – please call 830.377.1725 for any needs.

v  Unfortunately, we have had to implement service fees for non compliance. If you smoke in the room - bring a pet or a child into a “no pets/adult only” room - put dirty dishes into drying racks/cabinets, or leave the room excessively dirty: there will be a $150.00 cleaning fee charged to your credit card. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Also any damages will be charged to your credit card. If you feel the need, on your short stay with us, to move things around; please leave the room as your found it.

v  Guest Pets may roam free in their fenced yard (Retreat & Some Like it Hot), but must be on a leash outside of their yard.

v  The use of our property is for registered guests only. If you want to bring an unregistered guest onto the property you must call us at 830.377.1725 in advance to inform us.  There is a $10 per guest/per day fee.  You are responsible for all of your guests and any charges/damages that they incur.  All of your guest’s vehicles must be registered at 830.377.1725.  Your guest’s unregistered vehicles are subject to tow at your expense.

v  Upon arrival, please go directly to your room/cabin anytime after 4:00 pm.  Check out is by 11:00 am.  Other arrangements can be made, as long as there is advance notice given and we are able to accommodate. Fees will apply.

v  There are pool towels located in the painted can at the pool (Adults Only -18 YEARS + ONLY).  If you want to reuse your towel, please bring it back to your room or cabin; otherwise you may leave it on a table by the pool for collection.  No glass containers are allowed at the pool.  Pool is open for swimming from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.

v  If you feel you must rearrange anything for your short stay here, it is your responsibility to return whatever you moved back to its original place.  Charges could be incurred if this is not done.  Please do not take/destroy plant life or cross fences.

v   Between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am please keep the noise level down, as not to disturb others.

v  You are welcome to use the charcoal grills, but please clean up when you are done so that other guests may also enjoy. Each room is equipped with trash bags.

v  We will clean your breakfast dishes (for The Retreat & Some Like it Hot if you chose the breakfast option).  You may use the supplied dishes for other meals if you wash them.  There is dish soap located in each room/cabin.

v  Breakfast is delivered between 8:20 – 8:45 am. We will come in daily to get your breakfast tray/breakfast dishes, towels & trash. If you leave your towels on the floor we will collect them; if you hang them up we will leave them.  If you don’t want to be disturbed, leave your tray/trash/towels outside by 10:00 am.

v  Please use the facial pads provided to clean off your make-up and the yellow/white towels for any dirty job.

v  When your stay is over, do not bag up the trash or strip the bed.  Leave the key in the room and the door unlocked.

v  We have a sewer treatment plant.  Please only flush toilet paper and do not let the toilet run.

v  Wireless Internet is available in the outside common sitting area and at the pool – use the Omni 9 network – no password is needed.

v  If you open windows, please turn off your AC or the AC will freeze up and will no longer cool.

    Lost keys are $30.  Items that are left will be shipped back at your request for the amount of packaging, postage and a $15 handling fee.

v  We hope that you enjoy the little extras we like to provide our guests.  We also sell extra coffee ($3.00) and extra water ($.50).  If there are other items that are needed, there are 3 major grocery stores and many convenience stores and pharmacies in Kerrville.  Enjoy your stay!